If you're a small to medium sized business and you use either MYOB or QuickBooks accounting solutions,
you are faced with the eternal problem:

How do I get decent reports out?

Usually, the book keeper is doing fine with these products, but business reporting is limited.

Nearly all of our clients are faced with either upgrading to an enterprise financial package (with no guarantees)
or exporting the data to Excel - which immediately gives you duplication issues.

Wouldn't it be cool (and yet sensible) to be able to have a system load your business' datafile and:

and present it to you the way it should be?

... without installing new software,
... without having to export dumps from your accounting package?
... and allow you to customise the results

Just so you can crunch the data?

We thought so, so we built Crunch so you can crunch - for MYOB and Quickbooks

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Supported datafiles